It is very important for all professions to inform themself about new research and interesting topics.

This also applies on the topic of drug discovery. An event that has the goal to invite lots of profesional people and inform them about the newest trends is the MipTec Conference and exhibition, together with the Basel Life Sciences week. At the event there are more then 3000 participants coming from more than 50 countries. The program is packed with loads of information – there are more than 100 scientic talks, a lot of interesting prosentations, Symposis and more than 100 exhibitors showing their newest products and information. The topics cover a wide range and focus around basic and applied research on the topic of drug discovery.

The name of this event is „Basel Life Science Week“ and MipTec Exhibition and the events where held from September 21 to 24 (Basel Life Sciences Week) and the MipTec Exhibition from 22 to 24 September 2015. There also was a Basel Life Sciences Week in the Year 2016.

At the moment the times for life science research is interesting and many new discoveries were made, providing further possibilites for applications for human health care and scienctific research.

Another topic that has been coming up is the development in gene therapy, mainly with the topic CRISPS und Chimeric Antigen Recepter T-Cells.

The goal of BLSW and the MipTec exhibition is to bring people together that work in different fields and provide cross disciplinary learning and forums and support research in the area of human health.

It is also imported to provide great input via the Keynot Lecture, this will feature Dr. Jean-Paul Clozel, CEO of Actelion, Dr. Kushru Asadullah, Professor at Charite and former VP Biomarkers at Bayer, and Dr. John Reed, Head of Pharma Research & Early Development (pRED), Roche.

The main topics will be Aging, Cell signaling, Medicinal chemistry, Synergy of combination drug therapies, Next Generation Sequencing applications, Information management, Stem cells, Peptide therapies, GPCRs and Translational Medicine.

BLSW Steering Committee

Bhupinder Bhullar Novartis Pharma AG (Basel, CH) – Chair of Steering Committee
Gregor Dernick F. Hoffman-La Roche (Basel, CH) – Scientific Program Chair
Martin Fussenegger ETH (Basel & Zurich, CH) – Strategic Advisory Chair
Roland Bucher Bucher Biotec AG (Basel,CH) – Exhibitor Representative
Sabine Adam Congrex Switzerland (Basel, CH) – Account Director

Basel Life 2019 – 9-12 September 2019 – Congress Center Basel, Switzerland

The program information can be found at , new and updated information can be found in the twitter acount on

The following companies are exhibiting at the BASEL LIFE MipTec exhibition 2019

  • D01 AlvĂ©ole Lab
  • B02 Bucher Biotec
  • D11 Chemspeed Technologies AG
  • D05 Cellecta
  • A03 geneXplain GmbH
  • C10 Hamamatsu Photonics France
  • C05 OMNI Life Sciences
  • D03 Infors
  • C07 Instruct-ERIC
  • C01 JoVE Biopharma
  • S01 SpacePharma

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